A small business that started with me and my skin!


Do you wish you could achieve acne-free, radiant skin, without having to worry about a dozen products full of chemicals?

Well, you actually can with all-natural ingredients. Hi, my name is Julia Dantzler! My skincare company is called no worries skincare and I create products with 2 or 3 all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting on your skin.

I am a freshman at Clark University. I've always been into makeup, skincare, and everything beauty, but I didn't have the idea to start a small business until I took an entrepreneur class my first semester at Clark. 

Unlike popular skincare brands with empty promises to clear your skin, my small business started with me. I had tried every acne product out there and I was EXHAUSTED. I was tired of feeling insecure about my skin and decided that if nothing out there works, I’ll make my own, and I'll try something new with pure, all-natural ingredients.

After creating my toner and using it for a month, I had never felt better about my skin. This new-found confidence was such a weight off my shoulders, and I wanted to share this feeling with others like me. 

Natural ingredients are better for your skin and better for the environment than the chemical-laced products covering drugstore shelves.

I’ve had dozens of happy customers come back to buy my products again and again.

So stop allowing your acne to weigh you and your confidence down, choose all-natural ingredients, choose No Worries Skincare.



All natural skincare :)